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Baha'i Prayer Beads

Baha’i Prayer Beads

Nigthingale Prayer Beads offers beautifully-designed Bahai Prayer Beads handcrafted from the finest materials. We offer a wide range of prices, from Baha'i prayer bead sets made from more expensive semi-precious gemstones and pearls and shells, to less expensive Baha'i prayer beads made of glass, wood, and other materials. We also offer inexpensive prayer bead kits and free download instructions for "How To Make Prayer Beads".

We invite you to browse through the Baha'i prayer beads we offer to find a set for yourself, or as a gift for a Baha’i friend or loved one.  We are constantly creating new Bahai prayer bead designs, so visit us again from time to time.  We love hearing from you, so please contact us with any questions or suggestions. 

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One of our favorite categories of Bahai prayer beads is our "Come Pray With Me" line, made for children. These Bahai prayer beads are intended to aid parents in sharing the bounty of prayer with their children. We have found that children love Bahai prayer beads, and eagerly adopt their use.